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2020 RedScarVR Rifle HTC Vive 2.0 Ready

2020 RedScarVR Rifle HTC Vive 2.0 Ready Item NO: RedScarVR

US$ 659.99
Customized Requirements
  • New Updated to 2019 NewScarVR Rifle ( Golden model):
  • - Tracker could charge power by rifle magazine Li- battery 6000mAH and works for 10-20 hours, function friendly for VR arcade.
  • - Sighting telescope support D.I.Y take off by screw down if HMD hit it when gamer down head to aim target in gameplay.
  • ---------
  • – Strong power recoil feedback, semi and auto fire, 6000mAH Li rechargeable Battery, 1.43kg Rifle body give real firearm experience.
  • – Attach Vive tracker 2.0 2018 version to compatible with HTC Vive Pro 2.0, Lightbase 2.0, 10x 10 meter (32’x32’) Room Scale tracking.
  • – Vive Tracker is not include with this price.
  • – Vive tracker 1.0 2017 version is not compatible.
  • International air express from China USD100, Air express is expensive because handled by special shipping line, not regular cargo. It has risk to destroy, return by custom due to battery included and gun shaped looking product. Please contact, if you have wholesales order to decrease air freight or sea shipping.
Product Name 2020 RedScarVR Rifle HTC Vive 2.0 Ready
Item NO RedScarVR
Weight 4.0000 kg = 8.8185 lb = 141.0958 oz
Category HTC VIVE Rifle > Recoil Feedback Rifle
Tag htc vive , beswinvr , magp90 , vive gun , virtual reality , vr gun controller , VR shooting game
Brand BeswinVR
Creation time 2019-08-18

First Review| New ScarVR 2019

How to test tracker as controller on BeswinVR Rifle

Reading before Purchase:

Trackpad touch is not 100% functional due to Tracker 2.0’s bug, only central press-key function works, touch tracking function (up, down, left, right) can’t work. It caused many VR game requiring Trackpad touch (up, down, left, right) is not compatible with ScarVR 2.0 Rifle. Old tracker 1.0 won’t has this problem but stop production. We are waiting for HTC Vive company to fix it.

Click to download software that possible to use:

Vive Role Changer for tracker 2.0 2018 Version.rar

Tracker Test on BeswinVR Rifle.rar


– Windows regard Tracker role changer as virus, please shut down windows defender before download it.

– Unplug usb of Vive HMD before doing tracker role changer on PC, otherwise HMD will damage, Very important!!!

What’s New?
– Attaching Vive tracker 2.0, Compatible with HTC Vive pro 2.0 and 1.0 tracking system.

– Impressive more powerful recoil feedback, semi and auto fire, 6000mAH Li rechargeable Battery, 

- 1.43kg Rifle body give real firearm experience.

What VR Game Support?
– Tracker mode: ZomDay, Battle for the Last Chicken, Overkill VR, Contra VR, VR Battlefield, Arizona Sunshine, vr+.
– Controller mode (need extra plugins): The NestVR, ZomDay, A-10,John Wick Chronicles.
Depends on vive tracker 2.0 compatibility, More test games coming soon….

Who need it?
– VR game develop team commercial use.
– VR shop or VR arcade commercial use.
– VR Shooting Game fan personal use at home.

Fix tutorial| Tracker point Sensor to wrong direction

OverKill VR gameplay| NewScarVR Rifle

ZomDay Tutorial with NewScarVR rifle

Vive Tracker Role Change Tutorial

Recoil Feedback Test

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